Rah Raw has been over Since 2017

For those who been a fan for years should know I have done everything I could to keep Rah Raw going. For those who don’t know yes she is my REAL mother and yes we have REAL mother and daughter issues I have continue and allow RAH RAW to stay alive to 2020. I have my other businesses that’s failing because I put all my focus on Rah Raw Goddesses and put my 3 others business on hold. but Im happy to say I’m going to allow my mother to continue her life being an Uber driver and taking care of her other daughter I will continue my life as Europe Pe’A I will no longer be making videos with my real mother anymore so stop begging me to. The website will be down this month I will be creating videos just with me If you want to see our last video together or become a member my PayPal is down so please cash app me I will be turning all of our old videos until I a movie like a DVD if you want to purchase let me know but if not it was glad entertaining all I meant cool people and I have some real strong supporters that is following me to other things that I’m doing so I appreciate that for right now let’s have a moment of silence for Rah Raw....

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